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What Others Say...continued

“Working with Judith is like returning home after being lost for a long time in the desert.  Sometimes I ask myself is she going to understand what I am feeling when I cannot understand myself.  She always surprises me with her peaceful and lovely comprehension.”

                                                            Maria Sol Hernandez, Psychotherapist, Uruguay

“Judith has the rare qualities of enabling me to BE who I am, encouraging me to search for deeper truth, holding me while stumbling and showing me the way with her authentic, warm and direct wisdom.  And when things are sometimes rough, Judith pulls out a softened phrase seasoned with a sense of humor."

Elyon Hava, Administrator of Music Conservatory, Israel

“Judith’s ability to “hold the space” of her workshops as sacred space, with deep compassion, empathy and non-judgment, allowed me to trust, feel safe, and take full advantage of the opportunities to let go and be vulnerable.”

N.J. Torun, Professional Organizer, Healer, California

“To be helped by Judith is for me to be exposed to the truth.  She has a clear vision that penetrates through the clouds and fog of my misconceptions.  She respects the place I’m in and lets me find my own pace.”

Michal Mainrat, Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Israel                   

“It is not only the wisdom and insight she gives out so wholeheartedly, it is the serene gentle care, the precision, the simplicity of direct communication with her that led me through to a deeper, more truthful communication with myself.  Walking the path with her, I finally touched the joy within myself.”                                                                          

Elya Hameiri, Screenwriting Coach, Israel

“As Judith’s student, I feel deeply held in the crucible of healing…She is truly a master teacher that will shine the light, as long as you want to look.”

Antonia Herbstreit, Nurse, Energy Healer, Illinois

“Judith works hard to give you the best of her experience and acumen to help you apply the Pathwork teachings to your specific spiritual journey.  And she makes it fun!”

Paul Paquette, Managing Director, Ethidex, Inc. , Canada

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