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What Others Say...

“Anything Judith leads will bring depth and clarity. Her presence insures that surprising new perspectives will emerge in individuals and the group. Perhaps more important, the group will bond and become a community in a most elegant, unforced and magical way.”

Elizabeth Lesser, Author,

Co founder, Omega Institute, NY

“...she probes with eloquence and gravitas so that when we leave her presence we are more awake and alive and ready to take action during these troubled times.”

Gail Straub, Author, Activist,

Executive Director of Empowerment Training Programs, NY

“Garten is a master teacher. Knowledge and wisdom flow out of her effortlessly. As we say in my leadership circles “she walks the talk.”

Sara Grady, President

Bevins Institute, MN

“Judith has that rare ability to cut to the core of the matter. With down to earth humor and no small amount of charm, she speaks eloquently about ideas that can profoundly influence everything from relationships to public policy.”

Ted French, President

French & Partners, NY

“Judith Garten takes serious topics and complex ideas and communicates them in a way that is understandable and deeply uplifting. The wonderful mix of her warm heart, keen intellect, and light touch create a welcome environment for audiences to enter new worlds of thought.”

Lorraine Marino,

Organization and Leadership Consultant, PA

“Judith Garten has the most gentle, humble way of speaking her truth, and in her presence, under her guidance, I feel myself open to new discoveries about how I relate to the world.”          

          Laurie Schwartz, Social Activist

Co-founder of Hospice of Ulster & Duchess Counties, NY


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